BREAKING: Shooting leaves at least 3 dead at Rancho Tehama

BREAKING: At least 3 dead in shooting in Tehama Co. it started at a home at around 8:45am at El Rancho and moved to an elementary school.

Shooter – Suspect shot and killed by police, authorities said.

Several students have been medevaced, other children are in safe location. Several Ambulances also dispatched.

Parents are in distress stuck behind road block not knowing the status of their kids at school in Rancho Tehama where the shooter ended up.

About 100 law enforcement officials descended to the area at the multiple scene locations. Per authorities, at least 5 locations.

Check part of Sara Stinson’s from Action News interview with the man who says his truck was stolen and his roommate was shot and killed by the alleged shooter who is described as a known felon in his 50’s named Kevin.

A near by witness said, “We heard multiple shots, starting with about 10, and proceeding to about 90 shots, of a high powered some kind of rifle sounding. We heard a man and children screaming from my location, I’m about three blocks from the school, I could hear people screaming at the school.” Per Kelli Saam KRCR News Channel 7

Pictures from Sara Stinson’s Tweet and other sources


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