Rancho Tehama Rampage update

During Wednesday press conference, authorities have confirmed that gunman Kevin Neal killed a 5th victim, his wife, per investigators, neighbors reported there was an incident on Monday evening at the home.

The Shooting started by his home on where two people where killed, his wife and a female neighbor, she had a dispute with the shooter in January.

Investigators found the body of his wife under the floor of the house on Bobcat Lane after a search warrant was conducted at the shooters home.

Deputies were looking for her on Tuesday and where not able to locate her until Neal’s home was searched.

Neal had a history with the Sheriff’s Department, he was no bail since January when he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Deputies had Neal’s home under surveillance two separate times but Neal never came out off the house at those times.

It was revealed that he guns that Neal used were 2 semi-automatic rifles, which were not registered, deputies believe that he manufactured them at his home.

The Sheriff’s Department also wants people in the rampage community area to look out for each other. Neal went through several neighborhoods randomly shooting his gun at homes. They advise that everyone check on their neighbors.

The Elementary School heard the shots being fired from about a quarter of a mile away and immediately locked down the school, which saved lots of lives.

The shooter then rammed the school gate with his vehicle and entered on foot with a semi-automatic weapon, but was not able to get inside. The school staff quick response on the self imposed- not requested by authorities lack down saved lives.

Once he realized it was not able to go forward due to the lock down, the gunman proceeded to drive down Stage Coach Road shooting his weapons randomly.

At this point officers began chasing his vehicle then rammed him off the road and began to exchange gunfire with him, that led to the death of the shooter.

Residents phone video catches gunfire during the rampage : http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/7174811/witness_captures_video_of_tehama_county_shootout

The shooter’s Sister thinks that he was lost for a long time, he needed mental health for several years, the family did not see him for at least 7 years, since he moved to Rancho Tahema,. His mom spoke with him often on where he reminisce of his childhood between hallucination and conspiracy theories type of conversations.

See update on Wednesday morning live by KRCR News Channel 7 https://www.facebook.com/KRCR7/videos/1574551059266496pp

Horrific cell phone video https://t.co/KdR3eRV8Cu & at https://t.co/KdR3eRV8Cu


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