WARNING: suspect approached small girls with sexually explicit comments at Sav Mor, Gridley

Please be aware of a very disturbing situation reported to Gridley Police Department regarding an older white male approaching young girls with sexually explicit comments at a local store in the Gridley area.

A post on FaceBook reads: “A warning to all Gridley/Biggs residents: this man on two separate occasions approached my nieces while with their mother at Sav Mor with sexually explicit comments. He said “sexy little girl” to one of them several months back, and just yesterday he said something similar to them, again while their mother was with them shopping at Sav Mor. If you see this man or his truck ANYWHERE in town, stay away from him, and if he makes comments towards any of your children: REPORT HIM TO THE GRIDLEY POLICE DEPARTMENT IMMEDIATELY. He was already reported by my family members and has been admonished by the police that if he does it again he will be arrested. Share this EVERYWHERE please!”



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