Good things happening to Caroline’s family after the devastating #WallFire

On Thursday, Caroline’s family finally got a long awaited delivery of their new home. I had the privilege to be there when it arrived.

Caroline lives on top of the world at a wonderful area on where you can see the beautiful Oroville area sunsets.

When the Wall fire happened, it devastated the area very fast and snatched her beloved home and everything in the property.

When the fast moving Wall of fire approached Caroline and her family’s house, they had to quickly leave with their clothes on their back and a few animals with no time to get anything but just save their lives.

It has been a long hard situation that the family had to endure, from being home watching tv to being homeless and sleeping from a hotel to a friends camper and all you can imagine on being displaced by the fire.

Few days after the fire, looters where at her property and Caroline’s husband decided to camp out in the property to stop the non sense of the relentless thieves.

The family got separated to cope with the situation. Now they reside in a camper with their animals at the beautiful property on where the grass has started to grow and the breathtaking view conforts them every day.

The arrival of the house is a milestone long awaited that gives them more hope that life is going to be normal sooner. The house installation will take a couple months but is so worth the wait now that is on its final place.

Home sweet home soon to be finally enjoyed by this deserving family. Congratulations Caroline and enjoy your top of the world view! You deserve it!

(Present and after the fire pictures.)


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