Police Arrest Suspect Linked to Burglary in South Chico

Chico, CA – On Tuesday, December 5, 2017, the Chico Police Department was notified of a burglary incident taking place at a home in South Chico. The homeowner reported that at approximately 6:00PM, a man entered the garage of the residence and stole the owner’s bicycle from inside. The value of the bicycle was estimated at nearly $3,000. The suspect was seen by the homeowner. That suspect fled and was not located by the homeowner.  The homeowner notified Chico Police Department and a description of the bicycle was provided to officers.

In a seemingly unrelated incident, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, December 06, 2017, Chico Police Officers were near the Raley’s supermarket on Notre Dame Boulevard conducting a search for a suspect of a vehicle burglary.  Officers located 32-year old Vincent Abbott, a 32-year old homeless individual, who was found to be in possession of the stolen bicycle taken from the residential burglary reported one day prior. Officers arrested Abbott for several outstanding warrants as well as for Possession of Stolen Property.

In a later interview, Abbott admitted he had entered the residential victim’s garage and stole the bicycle. His charge was upgraded to Residential Burglary.

The description given of the stolen bicycle was distinctive enough to assist officers in identifying that bicycle. Citizens are strongly encouraged to record the serial numbers of valuable personal items and to register their bicycles with the City of Chico at https://www2.citizenserve.com/Portal/PortalController. Residents may also utilize the Chico Police Department Mobile App to record and store serial numbers of personal property. The Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android users.

Should an item be stolen, providing a serial number to police provides an additional tool in not only locating the property but also arresting the offender found in possession of the item. Residents are also reminded to close their garage door during the day and night, keep residences well-lit at night and call the Chico Police Department to report suspicious activity.


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