Butte County Sheriff’s Office Deputies make arrests in multiple burglary cases throughout December

Butte County, Ca–Since the beginning of December, Butte County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) Deputies have been busy working on numerous cases involving thefts from residences, businesses and vehicles. The following is a summary of some of the cases that have been solved in the past few weeks. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea would like to take this opportunity to remind the public to report suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles whenever they see anything suspicious. Please do not hesitate to report even minor thefts, BCSO uses these reports to know which areas of Butte County are actively being targeted for thefts, which aids in the investigation of ongoing cases. Sheriff Honea said, “I am very proud of the great work done by the deputies on these cases, their tenacious effort paid off.”

On 12/01/17, BCSO Deputies started an investigation into a residential burglary located on Wayland Road, just south of the Town of Paradise.  During the burglary, suspects took numerous items, including tools, firearms, household items and silver coins.  As of the date of this press release, two subjects have been arrested in relation to the possession and sale of items stolen from the residence.  Jeffrey Borges, DOB 12/05/1972 was arrested on 12/05/17 for 496(a) PC (possession of stolen property) and 11375(b)(2) H&S (possession of a specified controlled substance), as well as a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest on a previous case.  Borges’ bail was set at $11,000.  On 12/12/17, Troy Richardson was arrested for 496 PC (possession of stolen property), 11377(a) H&S (possession of a controlled substance), 11364 H&S (possession of controlled substance paraphernalia) and 148.9 PC (giving a false name to police officers) as well as a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest on a previous domestic violence case.  Richardson’s bail was set at $35,000.  As of this date, approximately $4,000 in stolen property from the residence has been recovered.

Troy William Richardson, DOB 09/02/1988, Ventura Street, Magalia, CA 95954

Jeffrey Thomas Borges, DOB 12/05/1972, Circlewood Drive, Paradise, CA 95969

On 12/06/17, BCSO Deputies investigated a theft from a business in North Chico where a John Deere Tractor/Mower had been stolen.  During the investigation, BCSO Deputies contacted David Jones, DOB 05/07/1970, at his residence located on Hwy 99 north of Chico.  Jones was arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant on charges related to a previous arrest for possession of controlled substances.  While at the residence, Deputies located a stolen gold colored Honda that had been previously reported stolen to the Chico Police Department.  Deputies also located a stolen gasoline powered air compressor (valued over $1,000) that had been reported stolen along with a work truck from Glenn County.  The truck had previously been recovered, but the tool boxes and tools along with the compressor were not recovered with the vehicle.  Jones was arrested for 496(d) PC (possession of a stolen vehicle), 496(a) (receiving stolen property) as well as his warrant.  He is currently in jail with a bail of $118,000.  As of this date, the John Deere Tractor has not been recovered.

David Wayne Jones, DOB 05/07/1970, Hwy 99, Chico, CA 95973

On 12/15/17, BCSO Deputies took a report of a burglary to a business trailer on Spyglass Lane at Hicks Road north of Chico.  Items stolen included business checks, a printer, Keurig coffee maker, and other office supplies.  During the investigation, BCSO Deputies learned that two business checks had been cashed totaling $1,856.  Amber Bonner, DOB 11/18/1985, was determined to be a suspect in the forgery of the checks.  BCSO Deputies located Bonner at her Burnap Avenue residence in Chico.  BCSO Deputies also contacted Frank Weiler III, DOB 10/15/1974.  Weiler was contacted in a Ford Truck parked in front of Bonner’s residence.  A check of the license plate showed the truck was registered to a leasing company and was clear.  A subsequent check of the VIN number showed the truck had been previously reported stolen in the City of Berkley.  The truck was full of construction type tools and equipment, which were all stolen along with the truck.  Weiler was also found to have a Felony and Misdemeanor warrant for his arrest.  BCSO Deputies then authored a search warrant for the residence.  Upon searching the residence, Deputies located the stolen checks, forged checks made out to Amber Bonner, the stolen Keurig, 1.4 grams of methamphetamine, syringes, and multiple methamphetamine pipes.  A 12 year old boy was placed with Butte County Child Services as a result of the findings.  Amber Bonner was arrested for 459 PC (Burglary), 470(a) PC (Forgery), 11377(a) H&S (Possession of a controlled substance), and 11364(a) H&S (possession of drug paraphernalia).  Her bail was set at $95,000.  Frank Weiler III was arrested for his outstanding warrants, as well as 459(a) PC (Burglary), 496(d) PC (possession of a stolen vehicle).  Weiler has no bail due to his Felony PRCS warrant.

Amber Marie Bonner, DOB 11/18/1985, Burnap Ave. , Chico, CA 96973

Frank Charles Weiler III, DOB 10/15/1974, Wingate Cir, Magalia, CA 95954

On 12/19/17, a male subject attempted to cash a check totaling $2,100 at the Rabo Bank in Magalia.  The bank teller recognized that the check had been “washed” of the original person’s name to be paid and a new name of Brian Ruud had been filled in. BCSO Deputies investigated the case and located Brian Ruud, DOB 01/20/1989, the following day at his residence on Stetson Court in Magalia.  Through the investigation it was determined that Ruud forged the check and attempted to cash it.  Ruud was arrested for 470(b) PC (Forgery).  His bail was set at $15,000.

Bryan David Ruud, DOB 01/20/1989, Stetson Court, Magalia, CA 95954

If anyone has any information regarding the above cases or similar cases, please contact, Sgt. Josh Brazzi, Butte County Sheriff’s Office, (530)538-7321.


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