Christy Seim was released from Oroville Hospital, immediately detained by OPD for man’s homicide

UPDATE: 1/11/18 Christy Seim is to appear on Thursday January 11th at 3 pm at the Butte County Superior Court in Oroville.

Update: on 1/8/18 Christy Seim appeared in Court on January 8th and was charged with Felony 2nd Degree Burglary and Misdemeanor Battery for her participation on the shooting homicide of Julius Ruff. Her Bail was also reduced to $51,000 down from $1M.

The alleged shooter Joshua Sealy was captured by OPD on Monday January 8th and he remains in custody.

Oroville, CA Homicide investigation update per Oroville Police Department Press Release on Friday January 5th 2018:

OPD Department received a 911 call reporting shots were fired in the 2700 block of Fort Wayne Street. Officers were informed while in route to the location the victim of the shooting had been transported to Oroville Hospital for treatment. Officers then responded to Oroville Hospital to contact the victim and discovered there were two subjects who had sustained gunshot wounds receiving treatment.

Officers were able to determine the two subjects receiving treatment were from the investigation on Fort Wayne Street.

One of the subject was identified as Christy Seim, 27, of Oroville, who had sustained a glancing gunshot wound injury to her head, while the other subject, a male, had sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest.

The male victim did not survive as a result of his injuries. The name of that victim is not being released, pending notification of the next of kin.

Officers learned during the investigation that Seim and Joshua Lee Sealy, 30, of Oroville, had driven to the residence on Fort Wayne.

It was determined an argument ensued upon their arrival and it is alleged Seim attacked the male victim.

Sealy then fired a single round from a handgun striking the male subject in the chest. The round fired by Sealy was believed to be the same round which struck Seim in the head and glanced off.

Seim fled the location with Sealy, later arriving at Oroville Hospital to receive treatment. The whereabouts of Sealy are unknown at this time. Sealy should be considered armed and dangerous.

This was Oroville News Only original post:

BREAKING #BOLO for Joshua Sealy.He should be considered ARMED and DANGEROUS. Supposedly Joshua left the scene driving a green vehicle last seeing on Wyandotte Rd. BCSO & CHP – Oroville informed. Officers are attempting to locate Josh Sealy. If you know his location, please contact Oroville PD immediately at 530 538-2444, you can remain anonymous.

BREAKING Criminal Violence

Response to Shots Fired in Southside Oroville, per scanner talks, two victims with gunshot wounds @ 12:51pm on Thursday 01/04/18 One male victim is deceased and a female victim is at the Hospital.

Oroville Police Department, City of Oroville Fire Department and Medics responding emergency to 2700 Fort Wayne. Criminal Violence shooting.

Units arriving to the scene @ 12:53pm. Dispatch tells the responders that the reporting person won’t give them any more information and keeps hanging up when asked questions and wants to talk to the officers.

Upon police arrival they where informed that a gunshot victim was already being transported to the hospital by vehicle. A unit responded to the Oroville Hospital. Medical response cancelled.

The Officers clearing the house at about 12:55pm to check if the shooting was in the house.

Office caught up with a vehicle that might be carrying the victim or victims. Officers discovered 2 gunshot victims.

One of the person that is supposedly involved in this incident has a restraining order against him. Officers reading 2 suspects names to be checked out.

Oroville Public Safety Department issued a BOLO for Joshua Sealy supposedly Joshua driving a green vehicle, either a Ford Explorer or Lincoln Navigator, last seeing on Wyandotte Rd. BCSO & CHP – Oroville informed. Officers are attempting to locate Josh Sealy. If you know his location, please contact Oroville PD immediately at 530 538-2450. He should be considered armed and dangerous.


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