Cody’s young life taken too soon, victim of late night fire at OroBangor Hwy

Cody life was taken too soon by a fire on Jan. 6 and going to God a few days later after being on life support for a few days.
Fifteen year old Cody Jennings was young and restless his whole life. He blazed himself on your heart the moment you met him. He was never one to waste time on anything that was boring or mundane. He had a huge heart and a way of owning himself that made it hard to show him anything.
Once he knew something to be true he could make it seem irrelevant and entertainment at the same time.
He loved animals of every kind, video games, swimming, riding and shooting. He was a fan of anything explosive and only put his charm on interesting people.
There are thousands of interesting people who are heartbroken because we will never see him grow into the bright young man we saw behind this child’s eyes.
Xina Hernandez, his bus driver remembers Cody: “I had the pleasure of taking Cody to school and dropping him home.  He would always stand next to me and talk just about everything. He was super smart, and had a great sense of humor. He burst out in song with another student. I’ll never forget him. Fly with the angels sweet Cody”
Mom rememenisses: “I’m not sure how to start but from the very beginning of Cody’s life I’ve had a rough time trying to protect him from the world. He ran from all the safety I could provide for him. He was always defying logic gravity physics and math. Born 3/23/02 he was overdue and we named him for his brother we had lost just a few yrs before. When his father divorced me he convinced me when everyone else said give up that mom was important in his life.
For a decade I had to fight the rest of my social experience from courts to the neighborhood for that right. Cody was a big part of why I fought so hard. He could make anything an argument.
The fire that took his life is a horrible tragedy. This awful event changes everything for his older brother Bryan and his little sister Ekko. We are confident that the current investigation will provide answers and closure for my family.”
Cody was a wonderful life take too soon, Beautiful soul,sweet boy, flight with the angels.You will be forever in our hearts.
There is a go fund me account to help with Cody’s arrangements. All donations will go to the honor and validation of Cody’s life, and are greatly appreciated. He leaves behind a heartbroken family and friends and lot’s of love.

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