Two very young children and their mom are home safe after going throughout several counties searching for them.

Robert (Bob) Ross took his children on Friday January 26 after his wife was exonerated from all charges and released from jail. He decided to go on the run with the children and hide them from authorities and the children’s Mom Desiree Ross.

Everything started on January 3rd on where Robert Ross decided to cut himself and call the police stating that his ex wife Desiree assaulted him, she was then transported to jail facing several charges.

Desiree always stated that she did not do what Bob was accusing her of. She was facing a possible 32 years sentence, 4 years per injury (8 cuts).

After checking all the evidences, Butte County’s DA’s office discovered that Bob set her up.

The orders against Desiree were immediately dropped and she was released from jail.

Consequently she was given sole custody of the children.

On Friday the 26th, when Bob Ross was advised on Desiree’s release and complete exoneration, he decided to take off with the children and go from family house to family house starting from Gridley to Santa Rosa and ended up in Clear Lake to name a few proven locations on where he was hiding.

On Thursday night Gridley police assisted on checking locations in Gridley with out luck.

Friday afternoon an investigator gave us a lead that we followed to the city of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County on where we spent the night in the car while waiting for the police station to open on Saturday Morning.

First thing Saturday morning we met with the Santa Rosa Police Department whom check on the location told us that the children and father had left the day before (Friday), that was the bad news, but we got a few clues that took us to Clear Lake area.

Once we arrived to Clear Lake Police Department, we where told that the officers where all busy and we needed to wait until officers become available to assists us.

At that moment we decided to utilize our time and drive around with police permission to find the limo he had taken out of the impound on Friday afternoon.

So we proceeded driving in and out of trailer parks around the lake starting from the closest parks by the Police station. Randomly we ended up at the Walmart Parking lot on where we found the limo and called CLPD immediately to assist us.

Desiree was then finally reunited with her beautiful 22 months Elijah and 8 month old Makhiah with the help of Clear Lake police department. The father was served with court papers form various counties.

Bob Ross and an older son that was fleeing with him and the children in a white limo that belongs to Desiree where puzzled on how they were found.

The limo they used was impounded for sometime due to traffic violations in Santa Rosa and Ross took it out of impound on Friday to travel with the children to a Clear Lake Location.

Locating the limo was our last hope on finding Ross and is what gave him up ultimately.

Desiree wants to thank family, the Butte County DA’s office, Gridley Police Department, Santa Rosa PD, Clear Lake PD, Oroville Senior Center, social media such as facebook shares and the public.

With love, hope, faith in God, angels and strength of God gave her to not give up.


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