The Family of the Southern California men missing since May 2017 are looking for answers and want your help to solve their mysterious disappearance in fear of foul play.

The Family of the Southern California men missing since May 2017 are looking for answers and want your help to solve their mysterious disappearance in fear of foul play.

Four Southern California Men left Orange County on the afternoon of May 15, 2017, in a Silver – charcoal Jeep, license plate 7UFP903 arriving to the Oroville area on the morning of May 16, 2017 according to the wife of one of the man.

The car was rented via an app called “Turo”, the Jeep belonged to Tony Hoang from the Garden Grove CA area and he was told that they were travelling to the Oroville, when they arrived to Oroville, the men asked Hoang for directions to Mad River, Trinity County.

Johnsom Nguyen, 32; Anesi Sauta, 29; Dan Nguyen, 33 and Tony Sysavanh, 31 left Long Beach area on Monday night, May 15, 2017 to travel North state to look for agricultural work, or check on someone in Berry Creek, or to pick up something, or/and to look at a property to purchase in Berry Creek.

One of the theories is that they were travelling to meet with a subject called “Michael Wong” to negotiate a purchase of a land that belongs to his wife, Josephine Qbui, on 522 Galen Ridge Rd, Berry Creek.

Another story is that they were going to check on one of Dan Nguyen’s friend whom is a caretaker of the property and was not calling back nor answering his phone.

Prior to leaving the Long Beach area on the night of May 15, 2017; 2 of the men moved items from another car to the Jeep that the men travelled. Litda Phu, insurance business owner in Garden Grove was the last place the men were before they left to go up North State. Phu’s car was used by 2 of the men missing on May 15, 2017, on where the 2 men moved bags to the Jeep from Phu’s car. Phu first told the family that the men were in Mad River area of Trinity County and they were only supposed to be gone for 2 days. When Phu was questioned lately, she states that she does not remember or know anything.

Dan is Anesi’s brother in-law, Johnson and Tony were mutual friends. The destination location was a pot growth property on where Dan was employed previously in the area of Galen Ridge Rd., Berry Creek.

Anesi Souta’s wife last contact with her husband was a call on the morning of May 16, 2017 on his way up North and she states that she had no clue where they went and guessed that the men traveled to Mad River area of Trinity County.

A cell phone picture pins Souta to the Old Walmart Parking lot on Orodam Blvd. and Feather River Blvd. on the afternoon of May 16, 2017.

The family filed a missing report in Trinity County because is what Phu and the owner of the Jeep from Garden Grove said that the man destination was. The family went to Mad River, Trinity area and placed posters and questioned the locals without any luck. The family believes that the men were never going to Mad River and that it was a tactic to steer them away from the Berry Creek area.

Butte County Sheriffs checked the Galen Ridge Rd, Berry Creek address and it was boarded up and it appeared that it was recently abandoned. Witnesses said at the time, that the four were seen at the location for several days.

On May 18 and 19 the men phones pinged to the Stockton California area but only one cellphone was found. Before May 27, 2017 Anesi’s sister got a text from a female named Brandy from Stockton, whom stated that her friend found a phone next to a boat parked in front of a home in the area behind the 2000 block of Stewart St. Stockton. The family drove to a car wash located on Fremont Street in Stockton to retrieve the phone. The detectives have possession of the phone at this time.

The last proven whereabouts was in Berry Creek, Butte County according to witness and phone records.

Since, the Butte County Deputies searched several locations associated with marijuana cultivation on where they believe the man were but the particulars were not released to the public.

Butte County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and they are not in the office at this moment and they will get back to me this week.

If you know any information please contact Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530)623-2611


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