Paradise – Two Man Arrested After they Stole a Vehicle and Tried to Hide from Authorities

On Saturday 2/17/18 at about 8:55pm Officers responded to the 5600 block of Tamarack Way on a report of a stolen vehicle. Two males were reportedly observed leaving in the stolen vehicle. Officers conducted a neighborhood check for the vehicle but failed to locate it.

Officers returned to the neighborhood about an hour later where they located the stolen vehicle, parked, in the area of Pearson Road and Angel Drive. A man next to the vehicle attempted to flee from officers but was quickly detained. The man was identified as 23-year-old Forester Allen of Paradise. Allen was determined to be on active Parole as well as felony County Probation and was also wanted on a felony warrant. A subsequent search revealed Allen was in possession of stolen property from the vehicle.

While still on scene, officers heard a female screaming in the neighborhood. Officers responded to a residence on Angel Drive where they learned a male suspect had been hiding under the female’s vehicle but had fled after hearing her screams. With the assistance of Butte County Sheriff’s Department, a perimeter was set up and a systematic search of the neighborhood conducted. The suspect was located hiding in a doghouse in the yard of a nearby residence.

The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Bailey Salez of Paradise. The investigation determined Salez entered an unlocked laundry room of a residence while attempting to elude officers. Salez attempted to enter the home but was prevented in doing so by a locked door. Salez was also determined to be in possession of stolen property belonging to the owner of the stolen vehicle and suspected to be working in concert with Allen. Salez was also determined to be in violation of a Criminal Stay Away Order that prevented him from being in close proximity to a nearby residence in the neighborhood.

Both Allen and Salez were booked into Butte County Jail. Allen is charged with violations of 10851 VC (Theft of a Vehicle), 496a (Possession of Stolen Property), 3056 PC (Violation of Parole) and 1203.2a PC (Violation of Felony Probation).

Salez is charged with violations of 602.5 PC (Trespass), 148a PC (Resist/Delay a Police Officer), 496a PC (Possession of Stolen Property) and 166(a)(4) PC (Violation of a Court Order).

Paradise Police would like to remind the public to always lock your home and vehicles and report suspicious behavior.

Investigating Officer :

D. Akin P23

Press Release Prepared by :

R. Nichols S15


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