Biggs: Beehive Theft Arrests

On 1/30/2019 Deputy Freeman learned C.F. Koehnen and Sons of Glenn County had several beehives stolen from one of their apiaries in the area of Afton, CA. The victims’ hives were painted white and contained the brand numbers 42-14 on them. The suspects took only the top hive boxes with their lids and left behind the bottom boxes and pallets. There was evidence at the crime scene that suggested the suspect was driving a smaller vehicle towing a utility trailer.

On 1/31/2019 Deputy Freeman was notified that there was a small utility trailer parked in the driveway of a residence on the 3200 block of 4th Street in Biggs, Ca. The trailer had several beehives on it which were reported as being suspicious in nature since the residents were not known to have bees or beehives in the past. 

Deputies responded to the location and located the utility trailer containing the reported hives. After inspection of the hives it was determined the hives were the ones stolen from C.F Koehnen and Sons. The hives were white containing the brand numbers 42-14 and matched the descriptions provided by the victims. Tire tracks from the crime scene matched the tread on the tires on the Jeep Wrangler located in the driveway with the trailer in tow containing the stolen hives.

After speaking with the residents in possession of the stolen hives, it was learned they were planning on placing these stolen hives in an orchard in Winters, CA under their own contract for almond pollination to profit off of the stolen hives. The estimated value of the stolen hives is $5,600.

Kenneth Allen, age 55 of Biggs, and Linda Milstead, age 52 of Biggs, were found in possession of the stolen hives and arrested for felony possession of stolen property.













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