Al Byers Appointed as Gridley Police Chief

Gridley, CA – The Gridley City Council voted unanimously to appoint Al Byers as the permanent Gridley Police Chief at the March 4th City Council meeting. Byers has been serving the City of Gridley as “Interim” Police Chief for the past four months. Byers was appointed as the Interim Police Chief following the resignation of Dean Price who had served as the Gridley Police Chief for three years. With a total compensation package of $332,000, Price was one of the highest compensated Police Chiefs in northern California far surpassing Police Chief compensation in other communities with much larger populations than Gridley’s small population of 7,000.

As the new Gridley Police Chief, Byers has substantially more leadership experience, including in Gridley and Oroville, establishing him as highly qualified for the job. The City Council worked to evaluate Byers’ overall performance and his leadership in particular during the past 4 months. The Council and staff members had an opportunity to observe his performance and talents and were very impressed with his skills and his overall alignment with the Gridley Police Department’s needs and vision. Mayor Bruce Johnson shared that “Al’s temperament as an effective and predictable leader who’s consistently oriented towards the well-being of the community and every individual Department staff member was particularly noted and valued by the Council and staff.” He noted that “Byers’ type of consistency and predictability was especially appreciated.” Byers’ compensation package will be $120,000 annually.


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