A Glenn County Suspect Identified in Chico String of Armed Robberies, Detained and Booked at BCJ on Many Charges

Since December 2018, Chico Police Detectives have been investigating a string of armed robberies which occurred at local businesses.  The first robbery occurred on 12-06-18 at the Beacon gas station located on Fair Street.  During that robbery a male suspect armed with a firearm entered the business and demanded cash from the clerk.  The clerk complied, and the suspect fled the store with an undisclosed amount of cash.  Over the next few months, similar robberies occurred at different businesses in Chico.  Based on evidence and surveillance video, it was believed these robberies were being committed by the same suspect.

On 02-14-19, an armed robbery occurred at the 7-11 on East Ave.  Minutes after that incident, the same suspect from 7-11 attempted to rob the Shell gas station located in the 2200 block of the Esplanade.  After a lengthy investigation and with the assistance of patrol officers, Detectives developed information that a subject named Jesus Damian was possibly the suspect who committed the robberies.  

As this investigation continued, Chico PD officers responded to the Sportsmans Warehouse on 04-20-19 to a report of a male subject who had just fled the store after he had stolen a handgun.  Based on evidence recovered from that theft, Jesus Damian was identified as the suspect who had stolen the handgun from the business.  

Based on the above information, Detectives responded to Jesus Damian’s residence in Hamilton City.  With the Assistance of Glenn County Sheriff’s deputies, Damian was contacted at his residence and arrested without incident.  Detectives then obtained a search warrant for Damian’s residence, in an attempt to locate evidence linking him to the robberies and the theft of the handgun.  At the conclusion of the search warrant, Damian was booked on 2 counts of armed robbery, a single count of attempted robbery, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and theft of the firearm.  He was then transported to Butte County Jail.  


Location: City if Chico

Victim: Multiple businesses in Chico

Suspect: Jesus Damian 40 year old Hamilton City resident

Supervisor: Sgt. Scott Harris


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