Oroville Operations and Main Spillway Update, May 2, 2019

Lake Level

The current Oroville reservoir elevation is 884 feet. Total releases into the Feather River continue at 10,500 cubic feet per second (cfs). DWR is safely managing Oroville reservoir inflows from melting snowpack and plans to keep lake levels high through spring and summer. DWR is operating the reservoir in accordance with normal state and federal regulations. A full lake is a welcome sight after years of drought and low levels to accommodate reconstruction. Good news as we head into the summer months for all those who love to recreate on the lake!

Thermalito Diversion Pool and Brad Freeman Trail Reopening

The Thermalito Diversion Pool and Brad Freeman Trail will reopen to the public on Friday, May 3. Kayakers, mountain bikers and hikers can access both areas seven days a week from 8 a.m. to sunset. Kayaks, non-motorized boats (electric motors allowed) and non-trailered boats can access the day use area located along Burma Road and bikers and hikers can take advantage of the two-mile section of the Brad Freeman Trail along the northern shore of the Diversion Pool.

Main Spillway

Releases from the Hyatt Powerplant are adequate to meet operational requirements of the reservoir and there is no need to use the main spillway at this time. However, DWR may need to use the main spillway again this spring to manage inflows from snowmelt and will notify the public and media if this is necessary.

The Oroville main spillway is fully reconstructed and performed as designed when it was used in early April. DWR and expert consultants continue to monitor the main spillway, so workers may be visible on the spillway structure. When it is not in use, water on the spillway is from normal seepage through the spillway gates, which were not designed to be watertight.

Road Construction

Repaving operations continue on Oroville Dam Crest Road, the Spillway Boat Launch facility, and other nearby roads. Paving construction vehicles will continue to use Hyatt Access Road through May 29. Motorists and residents should anticipate additional construction traffic on Canyon Drive and on Oro Dam Blvd. East to the Hyatt Access Road Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. DWR apologizes for any inconvenience and will notify the public when there are any changes to this information. Thank you for your continued patience.


For more information please contact oroville@water.ca.gov or visit: https://water.ca.gov/Programs/State-Water-Project/SWP-Facilities/Oroville/Oroville-Spillways


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